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Datacenter operations

Even though the cloud hype and extreme growth and popularity, it is not a yet a perfect fit for many Customers for several reasons.
Many Businesses are still preferred going the proven on own premise infrastructure way for reasons.
Legislation, security, Complexity of the fast-moving cloud solutions, or just they currently do not oversee the need of running their small digital footprint in the cloud.

Whatever the reason, the DC operated services are here and will stay for many more years.
You could have established a small set for services in a fit and stable environment in your own or in collocated DC.
Slowly but securely, following your success, the once small set of servers could have grown into a complex mesh of infrastructure, services and technologies.
The few users could have become thousands, the few services might have grown to tens or hundreds and the several boxes have grown to a forest of heterogeneous services in a fragile barely running environment.
Crossing a point, it could run out of control unless specific care is applied, and operation is being closely inspected and constantly monitored.

Here is where we come.
We can take care of your precious digital vessels and veins fitness to help your company run faster towards the success.
Here’s what we can assist you in.

Network & remote access
Network is virtually the most essential components. Obviously without properly working connections nobody will be able to consumer any service. Hence, a healthy and stable network is the fundamental to step onto.??We can provide proactive monitoring of network infrastructure with possibility for early detecting hardware failures and operational anomalies. Moreover, we can evaluate the current layout and feature improvement plan.

We can assist in establishing secure remote access solutions between branch offices and headquarters as well as remote access for “road worriers”

Physical and virtual
Virtualization changed the IT industry for more than a decade. Virtualization technologies are already mature and robust enough for almost any kind of load. We are experienced in visualizing physical machines to virtual ones in all the most well know virtualization platforms – VMWare, Hyper-V, XEN, KVM. Our engineers and operators have been involved in planning, coordination, implementing migrations as well as following monitoring and support of the new environment.??We have experience of working with both physical and virtual machines. We can assist in any step of the lifecycle of your physical/virtual environment.

Heterogeneous Platform operations: Windows, Linux, UNIX.
Long gone are the times when a business relied solemnly on Microsoft products. Modern applications run on variety of platforms in quite heterogeneous environments. Our specialists have rich experience in monitoring, troubleshooting, maintaining MS Windows servers series and various Linux distributions-based servers. We can provide you the needed platform stability to reach your goals and objectives. We can handle proactive and reactive tasks from Incident, problem, change and patch management for existing and new servers.