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Cloud services and solutions

Cloud is the norm nowadays. It’s not only hype but necessity for the IT in 21st century. There are numerous advantages which would suit your needs. We can help you with design, build and operate your Cloud transformation and operation.

Private cloud

Build it within your own or collocated DC and hardware. This usually preferred by large organization dealing with sensitive data, where data loss is not an option. It’s the most expensive solution with significant amount of resources and investment needed. It provides the greatest level of flexibility though. It’s being build around your businesses’s requirements.

Public cloud

Public cloud computing has rocketed its popularity for a reason. It’s the ease to operate it and great amount of provided services that attract thousands of companies and individuals to the Public cloud. Major player like Amazon, Microsoft and Google set the pace with their Public clouds. They take the burden of maintaining the hardware behind the scenes. Customers can enjoy IT without caring for hardware nor software licenses, nor network devices etc.

There is a learning curve and some sacrifices. Different customers’ load can run on shared hardware. Though significantly improved, Public cloud environments are extremely complex and may suffer both hardware and hardware failures at different components and levels. Thus rendering customers unable to use the services.

Hybrid cloud

That’s the product of the fusion of both worlds. Combining benefits of the Public and Private and avoiding their drawbacks. It’s common practice to deploy applications front end in public provider while running data source and databases in organizations’ premises.

We can help you with assessing your needs and find the best approach for your business. We can help you plan and design your cloud solution. We can help you migrating your current data loads into the cloud.